The 67 Steps Review By Tai Lopez – Is It a Scam?

The 67 Steps Review

Welcome to my The 67 Steps Review By Tai Lopez.

You’ve probably ended up here because you’ve seen Tai Lopez all over Youtube. That’s because he’s been dominating Youtube for the last year or so. He’s been spending millions of dollars on ads promoting The 67 Steps and there’s good reason for it to.

I’m going to be diving into detail about Tai Lopez and his 67 Steps program.

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Okay lets dive right into the review.

The 67 Steps Review – Overview

Tai Lopez is a well known super affiliate and Youtube marketer, if you’ve not seen his ads on Youtube you’ve probably been living under a rock. He’s everywhere you seem to look on there.

The 67 Steps program is a collection of Tai’s knowledge he’s acquired over the years of his reading and mentorship he’s received from the many mentors in Tai’s life. The wisdom shared within The 67 Steps is from some of the most successful people to ever walk the Earth. This course is not some sort of get rich quick scheme. This course is meant to give you the tools and knowledge to reprogram your thoughts, to change your mindset and your beliefs in order for you to get the best out of your life, in Wealth, Health, Love and Happiness. Tai’s mission with this course it to help you achieve “The good life” as he likes you call it.

The 67 Steps Review(One of Tai’s ads I’m sure you’ve seen many times promoting The 67 Steps.)

When it comes to content Tai is one of the greats. He has over 5,000 books and reads a book a day. Tai also owns a number of supercars and lives in a mansion in Beverly hills. Most people believed the cars and home he shows in his Youtube ads are rented, however if you follow him on any of his social media, especially Snapchat you’ll notice it’s all owned by Tai. I’ve been following Tai for over a year now, and I personally have bought The 67 Steps, so I can tell you now it’s legitimate.

The 67 Steps – Content

So you’re probably saying yourself “What will I learn inside the program.” Let’s take a sneak peak at the actual steps inside the course.

  1. Be Worth A Damn & Deserve It
  2. Adapt
  3. Have Humility
  4. Get A Mentor
  5. Look For Patterns In People
  6. Focus On Sculpture & Beware of the Media
  7. Learned Helplessness
  8. Integrating Your Life – 4 Pillars
  9. Learn Faster (How To Read A Book A Day)
  10. Toughen Yourself – Stoics vs Epicurean

Those are just 10 of the 67 steps. Each step Tai goes into a lot of detail, some of the videos are long but they’re jam packed with value. The course is just $67 so you’re paying $1 per step and from my experience the content inside if 100% worth the money. However the price is $67 a month which you might not have known, but it’s not an issue you’re able to cancel at any time so you don’t need to get re-billed. However I’ve kept paying so I can keep going back over some of the videos when I need them. The value you get from this course is worth a lot more than $67. Tai has done all the hard work and research for you, and has packed it all into this 67 step course, teaching you how to live “the good life” and actually be successful in your life, with health, wealth, love and happiness. If you’d go out there and try and find all this information yourself, I can guarantee you it’ll cost you more than $67.

67 Steps Review

The 67 Steps – Conclusion

So if it’s not clear already, I highly recommend buying The 67 Steps if you’re looking for something that’s going to motivate you, inspire you and give you knowledge to truly reach your goals, in business and in all other aspects of life. Tai is a genuine guy, his marketing techniques might be a tad annoying but they work, and the content he delivers is worth the investment in my opinion. If you’re looking to buy The 67 Steps you can do so by clicking here.

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There is a refund guarantee so at any point in time you can refund / cancel and get your money back through Clickbank with no hassle at all.

Thanks for reading my The 67 Steps review, I hope it was helpful.


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