iCoin Pro Review – Is This a Scam or a Legitimate Opportunity?

iCoin Pro Review


Welcome to My iCoin Pro Review. 

iCoin Pro just launched a few days ago, and you probably came across it from discovericoinpro.com or iCoinSuccess. It’s all the same thing, so I’m here to show you if iCoin Pro is legitimate or if it’s just another scam.

Before I dive in, if you want to signup for a free iCoin Pro account you can do so by clicking the link below.


iCoin Pro Review

iCoin Pro Review – Overview

So you’re asking yourself what is this all about? Well as you’ve seen lately Bitcoin has been blowing up. It’s been all over the news and all over your Facebook wall I’m sure. If you’re unsure what Bitcoin is you can find more information here: Bitcoin Wiki.

iCoin Pro is an educational program which will give you all of the information you need regarding Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. The system will also show you how to make money with Cryptocurrencies. Basically everything you need to know about Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency is within iCoin Pro.

They also offer a great compensation plan for any affiliates who are looking to promote this system to help educate people on Cryptocurrencies and how people can profit from it.


Is iCoin Pro A Scam?

After I took a look inside the members area (which you can signup for free here) I realised quickly it was an MLM / network marketing type of system, revolving around Bitcoin and information on how Bitcoin and other coins like it work, and how people can benefit and profit from these Cryptocurrencies.

So from looking around their members area, I don’t believe iCoin Pro to be a scam. It’s free to join as of right now, but they do offer membership if you wish to get more information and to promote iCoin Pro to get commissions. If that’s something you’d be interested in, I advice you upgrade, if not signup for free and take a look around.


ICoin Pro – Conclusion

So do I recommend you join? It’s up to you, personally I don’t think I will promoting this opportunity but if you’re looking at this and it interests you and you’re wanting to learn all about Cryptocurrencies and how you can make an income from them, then this is for you and you should signup for an account using the link provided below.

If you’re looking at this and want to strictly make money from home there are better opportunities out there that have a much greater chance to provide you a full time income from home (If you work hard)

Join iCoin Pro here


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