Digital Millionaire Secret Scam – Real Review!

Digital Millionaire Secret Review

Welcome to my Digital Millionaire Secret Review.

If you’ve just stumbled upon the “Digital Millionaire Secret” from an email, or from a post you saw online claiming that this system will make you money online fast, then keep reading below as I dive into this system and explain to you why you shouldn’t join.

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Digital Millionaire Secret Review – Overview

The second I landed on the Digital Millionaire Secret’s page I knew exactly what was being promoted. The system they’re promoting here is called Digital Altitude, and it’s a system I was previously a part of. Digital Altitude is a business opportunity that runs on a “pay to play” business model. Which means in order for you to make any money with their system you need to purchase their products… Which in total will cost you $56,000!

I don’t like these types of pay to play opportunities, as they make their customers shill out tens of thousands of dollars before they can make a penny using their system. Not to mention you’d have to spend even more money on advertising to promote their system. You’d be looking at spending over $60,000 (or more) before making any real money with this system. Because in order to make a commission on a product you have to own it. So if you sell one of their high ticket programs that costs the customer $10,000 but you don’t own that product yourself, the company or the person who referred you to this system will keep the money, even though you were the person who brought them that customer and that sale.

Digital Millionaire Secret Review

Digital Millionaire Secret Review – My Honest Opinion

Like I mentioned before I used to be a part of the system they’re promoting. I decided after a short period of time that this is not something that I would recommend to people. While other “guru’s” online speak highly of this system it’s only because they typically have existing followings and customers in other business opportunities and they’ve been able to make a lot of money by sending them to Digital Altitude. The company itself isn’t a scam, however from my experience and the experience of many other customers this system is too over priced, and the pay to play model isn’t one that a newbie should go for. Having to invest tens of thousands of dollars to start making money online is crazy.

Digital Altitude isn’t a scam, they do provide their customers with legitimate products and services as well as live events which their members can go to and meet 7 figure earners and learn from them, however the prices for attending these events etc is over the top. There are other high ticket programs similar to this one that offer the same exact products and live events. This business model isn’t new, but it’s being adopted by a lot of online super affiliates because they can make 5 figure commissions from a single high ticket sale.

The main issue with this system is the extremely high price, they claim you can join and start making money by spending just $37, but as soon as you join you’ll notice the seemingly endless amount of up-sells and high ticket packages you must buy in order to get commissions from selling them. If you’re not willing to invest tens of thousands of dollars and then even more on advertising this isn’t going to be for you.

I’m not saying you can’t make money with this, you can. But you’d have to be willing to give this your all. You’d have to invest a lot of time, energy and money to get this to work for you. If you’re a newbie this is definitely something you’d want to avoid.

Digital Millionaire Secret Review – Conclusion

Since I’m no longer a part of this opportunity for the reasons stated above, I will not be recommending it to you today. Can you make money with this? Sure you can. But based on personal experience there are simpler, cheaper alternatives that have worked better for me and made me a lot more money. My No.1 Recommendation that I have linked to below has earned me 5 figures a month consistently month in month out, and it isn’t going to cost you $56,000 to get paid. In fact if you signup below you can register for a free live webinar.

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