Copy My Websites Review – Don’t Buy Into Their Lies!

Copy My Websites Review

Welcome to my Copy My Websites Review. I’m going to take a deep dive inside and show you what this system is all about, and whether it’s a scam or not.

You can read my full review to get all the details on what this system is about, however I’m going to be unorthodox here and jump straight to my conclusion that I am not recommending Copy My Websites. You can see my full recommendation below…

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Copy My Websites – What Is It?

So I went ahead and actually paid for Copy My Websites and I’ll tell you right now, I wasn’t surprised to find out how bad the system they offer is. It’s basically a pyramid scheme 2.0. Their website claims that you can making $1,000 per day starting from day one, but it’s just a straight up lie.

Copy My Websites Review

The video on the Copy My Websites page talks about how “Jake” is going to copy his money making websites so you can just make money right away, because he’s already successful and you can simply “copy” him and make money. It saddens me that I know people fall for this, newbies will see this and believe this is how you make money online. There is no way you can simply “copy” someone’s website and instantly start making money. It just doesn’t work like that.

Inside the members area, you’ll be given a list of actions, which just tell you to share your unique link for Copy My Websites (yes they just give you a link to use to send people to the same sales video you just watched) they tell you to share it on your Facebook, email it to all your friends and just hope they join this BS system too, so you make a commission. Like I said above Copy My Websites is like a pyramid scheme 2.0. There is no actual product you’re buying, you’re just buying the “rights” to send people to the same BS sales video you’ve seen.

Conclusion – Avoid Copy My Websites At All Costs!

I could keep going on about the reasons to not join Copy My Websites, however I don’t see the point in doing so. The website is a scam, and if you really want to make money online this is not something you should invest your money into. I know you’re here because you’re looking to make money online, and lucky for you you’re in the right place! I review scams and show people legitimate systems to make money online.

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