AWOL Academy Review – Real Opportunity Or Scam?

Welcome To My AWOL Academy Review!

I was personally approached by someone through email with this one so I decided to take a closer look and see what it was all about…

Chances are you were approached by someone through email, social media or maybe in person and now you landed on this blog post to learn more… correct?

The good news is you came to the right place because I am going to walk you through the company, products and compensation plan so you can the right decision to join or not…

Let’s dig in shall we?

What Is AWOL Academy?

AWOL Academy Review

AWOL Academy is a training platform dedicated to helping people (just like yourself) to making a 6 figure income online. They even have a big claim of guaranteeing you’ll make $10,000 with them in 90 days. They make this huge claim because they can back it up. I know the owners of AWOL Academy personally and have met them in person many times. They’re 100% driven by helping their customers. They’re all about making their customers money, rather than simply helping their affiliates make money like most other platforms and systems like this often do.

They focus on you the customer more than anything I’ve seen. They show you exactly step by step how to go from zero (or whatever you are at now) to building a successful 6 figure income online leveraging affiliate marketing. They lay everything out for you for free and then invite you to join their Academy. They’ll even have one of their coaches get on the phone with you to coach you one-on-one.

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AWOL Academy Products

AWOL Academy offers a range of products, their first is completely free. You’ll get a downloadable PDF guide and a 2 hour long webinar class for zero dollars. The PDF shows you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing and how the owners of AWOL Academy have made 7 figures using these strategies shared inside the PDF / webinar. The webinar is 2 hours of nonstop content, it’s one of the best webinars I’ve seen that’s free out there.

AWOL Academy offers you a chance to join their Academy and get personal mentorship to take you from wherever you are now to making $10,000 in the next 90 days. Like I mentioned above this guarantee of helping you make $10,000 in 90 days is solid. If you follow everything they lay out for you inside AWOL Academy you’ll be making $10,000 in your first 90 days that’s for sure. They’ll hold your hand through the entire process and help you every step of the way to guarantee your success.

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So Is AWOL Academy A Scam?

Of course if you’ve read this far by now you’ll know that this is not a scam. I personally give this my recommendation and I believe you should register for the free webinar, download the free PDF and just see what it’s all about, it’ll cost you nothing and you’ll learn A LOT. The content they give you for free, others would charge hundreds of dollars for. I’ve done tones of reviews of scams, and this is not one of them. There are few products I recommend because most are scams. But AWOL Academy gets my recommendation 100%.

AWOL Academy Review – Conclusion

AWOL Academy is a legitimate training program with personal mentorship. It’s been proven to get people success in the affiliate marketing world. Many of their customers started knowing nothing and have had huge success (myself included). Don’t miss out on downloading their free PDF and accessing their free webinar. You’ll kick yourself for it later if you don’t check it out.

I give AWOL Academy my recommendation, you’re not going to regret investing your time into checking out AWOL Academy.

I hope this review was helpful!

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