About Me

Hey, welcome to my blog!

If you’re reading this page you’re probably interested to know who I am and why you should listen to me on how to make money online so let me share my story with you…


My name is Lloyd. I’m a 22 year old man from the United Kingdom and I’ve been making a full time income online since November 2013.

I am a college / university drop out who struggled to make an income online for the longest time. Ever since I was 14 years old I wanted to be a business owner, I knew a typically 9 to 5 just wasn’t for me it wasn’t in my cards. So I started building small websites and selling advertising space, and I quickly started making $1,000 per week… at 14! But as soon as the money started rolling in, I got hacked, everything was shut down and all the money taken, still to this day I have no idea who hacked me or why.


But needless to say I was pretty taken back by this, months and months of working day in and day out to build these websites, all to be taken from me in a matter of hours by hackers. This, along with the fact that my parents didn’t like me doing things online, they wanted me to get a job, they didn’t understand the power of the internet or how much money could be made online. So they made me get a job, and my job for the next 2 years was… Cleaning pots and pans in the local pub / restaurant working for minimum wage, and having a boss who treated you like garbage.


These 2 years sucked, I was going to school 5 days a week and then on weekends I was scrubbing away at a job I hated, working for an idiot, hating every second of the work. I saved up all the money I made from this job as I had no time to even spend it with all my time being taken up by school or work.


Once I turned 18, I decided it was a good move to go to University, just so I could get away from having to work a job… Working 2 days a week made me want to tear my hair out, I couldn’t even imaging doing it 5 days a week!


So I went off to University (which I dropped out of after 4 months…) and I started trying everything to make money online. I tried selling on Ebay, Network Marketing, Blogging, and even trading Forex. I struggled HARD for 4 months, spending all the money I had (and more… $10,000 more in fact).


After 4 months of struggling, losing money, and wanting to quit. I give it one more try, I found a mentor and quickly started to learn that most things just don’t work. Making money online isn’t hard, but there are so many lies out there and systems and scams that just straight up don’t work. And sadly, myself and most others searching to make an income online find these scams and fall for them.


The first month having a mentor, I quickly starting making money in the affiliate marketing world, I was making $1,000 a day at just 18 years old, I was amazed! I quickly quit University and started doing this full time, I instantly flew to Thailand so I could live in Paradise (and Thailand is a lot cheaper than living in the UK) so I was not only making a lot of money, I was now living the dream lifestyle I’d always dreamt of! All the struggle and failure, and doubt from family and friends, it all paid off! And it’s all because I found a mentor and listened to them.


Within 16 months (after the 4 months of failure, stress and debt) I made $1 MILLION dollars in commissions online! Yep, $1,000,000 earned at the age of just 19 years old. 


I’m now 22 years old, and I have been travelling around the world staying in beautiful 5 star hotels and resorts, meeting amazing people, spending more time with my family, being able to buy whatever I want without looking at a price tag, and most importantly being able to do whatever I want with my days, everyday.


This isn’t to brag or to boast at all. This story is to inspire you and to let you know that it is possible to make an income online, and to live your dream lifestyle. But you need to avoid the scams and the lies out there of overnight riches, you need to know that it takes time and effort to make a 6 or even 7 figure income online. But it is possible, and it is actually a lot easier than you think. IF and only if you’re working with the right people, and the right systems.


One of the reasons I’ve put together this blog is to share my story and help others follow in my footsteps. I want others to live the kind of lifestyle I’m able to live.


So what do I recommend?

To make money online you need a few things. First you need to find someone who is already having success so that you can model them, the next thing you need is a reliable system/strategy and the final thing is a mentor. Someone who can show you the exact steps you need to take in order to have success. At the link below you’ll be able to see a system which gives you all 3 of those things. It’s a new opportunity that is making me 5-figures per month and is my no.1 recommendation for making money online!


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