100 Dollar Monster Review – Bitcoin Scam

100 Dollar Monster Review

100 dollar monster cost

Hello and welcome to my 100 Dollar Monster Review.

After taking a hard look into the 100 Dollar Monster I can confirm it is a scam.

First of all their claim to turn $100 into a six figure income is just ridicules, if this system could really turn $100 into $400,000 (Their six figure income claim) then why would they be giving it to you for $100? Because they’re a scam trying to get your hard earned money.

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This is just another pyramid scheme, you get paid for referring people under you, who in tern get paid to refer people under them. There is no other way to make money using this “system” they’re nothing but a pyramid scheme hungry to steal your money. I guarantee within the next year or two this site will magically disappear along with all the members hard earned money.

And what can you do about it? NOTHING. They don’t even offer a refund, they have a no refund policy. So once they have your money, the 100 Dollar Monster is keeping it.

100 dollar monster scam

“Sick of business opportunities” they’re trying to play it off as if all other opportunities are scams, and theirs if the only legitimate opportunity out there online for you to make money with. This is just a marketing technique the 100 Dollar Monster uses to try and convince people that their system can make them money (it can’t).

Even if you join the 100 Dollar Monster and start referring others to the system, you will make money at the start. However you’re selling nothing to people, they get nothing for joining other than some outdated and useless eBooks they provide in order to not get sued. They have to offer something in return for your money, so they just put together outdates eBooks and say that’s what your $100 investment goes towards. Which is total BS as they never once mention these products in their sales video.

100 Dollar Monster Conclusion

They’re another pyramid scheme online, and they’re trying to cover their asses by using Bitcoin so they can’t have the money refunded to you by your bank when they inevitably take down their site and leave with all their members hard earned cash.

It sickens me to see scams out there like this.

I hope this 100 Dollar Monster review has saved you money and stress. Do not join the 100 Dollar Monster or anything like it, it would be better for you to take a $100 bill and burn it than to “invest” it in this crap.

Is There a Legitimate Way To Make Money Online?

Yes there is! Even though this system is a total scam, there are ways to make money online legitimately, but they’re not going to turn $100 into a 6 figure income, that’s impossible. But if you’re willing to work hard you can make a consistent 5 figures a month like I have been doing for the last 3 years using my no.1 recommended system.

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