iCoin Pro Review – Is This a Scam or a Legitimate Opportunity?

iCoin Pro Review


Welcome to My iCoin Pro Review. 

iCoin Pro just launched a few days ago, and you probably came across it from discovericoinpro.com or iCoinSuccess. It’s all the same thing, so I’m here to show you if iCoin Pro is legitimate or if it’s just another scam.

Before I dive in, if you want to signup for a free iCoin Pro account you can do so by clicking the link below.


iCoin Pro Review

iCoin Pro Review – Overview

So you’re asking yourself what is this all about? Well as you’ve seen lately Bitcoin has been blowing up. It’s been all over the news and all over your Facebook wall I’m sure. If you’re unsure what Bitcoin is you can find more information here: Bitcoin Wiki.

iCoin Pro is an educational program which will give you all of the information you need regarding Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. The system will also show you how to make money with Cryptocurrencies. Basically everything you need to know about Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency is within iCoin Pro.

They also offer a great compensation plan for any affiliates who are looking to promote this system to help educate people on Cryptocurrencies and how people can profit from it.


Is iCoin Pro A Scam?

After I took a look inside the members area (which you can signup for free here) I realised quickly it was an MLM / network marketing type of system, revolving around Bitcoin and information on how Bitcoin and other coins like it work, and how people can benefit and profit from these Cryptocurrencies.

So from looking around their members area, I don’t believe iCoin Pro to be a scam. It’s free to join as of right now, but they do offer membership if you wish to get more information and to promote iCoin Pro to get commissions. If that’s something you’d be interested in, I advice you upgrade, if not signup for free and take a look around.


ICoin Pro – Conclusion

So do I recommend you join? It’s up to you, personally I don’t think I will promoting this opportunity but if you’re looking at this and it interests you and you’re wanting to learn all about Cryptocurrencies and how you can make an income from them, then this is for you and you should signup for an account using the link provided below.

If you’re looking at this and want to strictly make money from home there are better opportunities out there that have a much greater chance to provide you a full time income from home (If you work hard)

Join iCoin Pro here


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Digital Millionaire Secret Scam – Real Review!

Digital Millionaire Secret Review

Welcome to my Digital Millionaire Secret Review.

If you’ve just stumbled upon the “Digital Millionaire Secret” from an email, or from a post you saw online claiming that this system will make you money online fast, then keep reading below as I dive into this system and explain to you why you shouldn’t join.

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Digital Millionaire Secret Review – Overview

The second I landed on the Digital Millionaire Secret’s page I knew exactly what was being promoted. The system they’re promoting here is called Digital Altitude, and it’s a system I was previously a part of. Digital Altitude is a business opportunity that runs on a “pay to play” business model. Which means in order for you to make any money with their system you need to purchase their products… Which in total will cost you $56,000!

I don’t like these types of pay to play opportunities, as they make their customers shill out tens of thousands of dollars before they can make a penny using their system. Not to mention you’d have to spend even more money on advertising to promote their system. You’d be looking at spending over $60,000 (or more) before making any real money with this system. Because in order to make a commission on a product you have to own it. So if you sell one of their high ticket programs that costs the customer $10,000 but you don’t own that product yourself, the company or the person who referred you to this system will keep the money, even though you were the person who brought them that customer and that sale.

Digital Millionaire Secret Review

Digital Millionaire Secret Review – My Honest Opinion

Like I mentioned before I used to be a part of the system they’re promoting. I decided after a short period of time that this is not something that I would recommend to people. While other “guru’s” online speak highly of this system it’s only because they typically have existing followings and customers in other business opportunities and they’ve been able to make a lot of money by sending them to Digital Altitude. The company itself isn’t a scam, however from my experience and the experience of many other customers this system is too over priced, and the pay to play model isn’t one that a newbie should go for. Having to invest tens of thousands of dollars to start making money online is crazy.

Digital Altitude isn’t a scam, they do provide their customers with legitimate products and services as well as live events which their members can go to and meet 7 figure earners and learn from them, however the prices for attending these events etc is over the top. There are other high ticket programs similar to this one that offer the same exact products and live events. This business model isn’t new, but it’s being adopted by a lot of online super affiliates because they can make 5 figure commissions from a single high ticket sale.

The main issue with this system is the extremely high price, they claim you can join and start making money by spending just $37, but as soon as you join you’ll notice the seemingly endless amount of up-sells and high ticket packages you must buy in order to get commissions from selling them. If you’re not willing to invest tens of thousands of dollars and then even more on advertising this isn’t going to be for you.

I’m not saying you can’t make money with this, you can. But you’d have to be willing to give this your all. You’d have to invest a lot of time, energy and money to get this to work for you. If you’re a newbie this is definitely something you’d want to avoid.

Digital Millionaire Secret Review – Conclusion

Since I’m no longer a part of this opportunity for the reasons stated above, I will not be recommending it to you today. Can you make money with this? Sure you can. But based on personal experience there are simpler, cheaper alternatives that have worked better for me and made me a lot more money. My No.1 Recommendation that I have linked to below has earned me 5 figures a month consistently month in month out, and it isn’t going to cost you $56,000 to get paid. In fact if you signup below you can register for a free live webinar.

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Complete Profit Code Review – Don’t Trust It!

Welcome to my Complete Profit Code Review!

So I came across this scam today called “Complete Profit Code”.

In this review I’m going to expose this scam and show you why websites like this are scams, and how you can tell in the future to avoid being taken advantage off, most of these scams use the same tactics to convince people to buy into their scam systems. Most everything they tell you at Complete Profit Code is a lie to mislead you.

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Complete Profit Code Review – Overview

There isn’t a whole lot to say about this system, other than it’s a scam. I’m going to provide some images and proof below showing why this is a scam and why it isn’t worth your money.

First things first the Complete Profit Code does something I’ve noticed a lot of scams like this one do, that’s including fake news sources as testimonials and proof that their system is legitimate when in fact it’s not. None of these news sources you see below have written anything about the Complete Profit Code. Go to CNN or any of the other news organizations mentioned and you’ll notice there is no mention of the Complete Profit Code anywhere.

Complete Profit Code Review

This is a just one of the many tactics these scam sites use to convince people to buy into their systems. It’s a shame that some people fall for this and lose their hard earned money.

It’s also important to note that the new video you see at the start of the sales video on their website isn’t related to Complete Profit Code at all, in fact a lot of these scam websites do the same thing, they take videos from the news showing that people are making a living from home, and using that to convince people these people are talking about their system, when in fact they’re not.

Complete Profit Code

It was probably stolen from a real news broadcast about working from home, but has nothing to do with this scam. At no point is Complete Profit Code mentioned.


Complete Profit Code Review – Conclusion

I’ve kept this Complete Profit Code Review small and to the point because I don’t want to waste anyone’s time. Stay away from Complete Profit Code and any other sites like it that promise to get you rich without you having to put in any effort. If it sounds too good to be true it most likely is. The claims and guarantees made by this system are 100% false. You will not make any money by joining this system.


If you’re looking to actually make a legitimate income online, and want to learn how it’s actually done, step by step then signup for a free online workshop below at my No.1 Recommendation.

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High Ticket Income System Review – Legit Or Big Scam?

Welcome to my High Ticket Income System Review!

So I’ve recently come across this new system High Ticket Income System (HTI Elite) that claims it can help you make high ticket commissions online. So I decided to take a deep dive into this new system and see what it’s all about, and if it’s another online scam, or a legitimate opportunity.

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High Ticket Income System – Overview

So I’m sure you’re here because you’ve gotten an email or you’ve clicked a link and ended up on this system known as “High Ticket Income System”. I’ve seen a few big affiliate online promoting it, so I thought I’d check it out and see what the hype is about. After looking deeper into this system I can see it’s another typical high ticket program. That you have to invest thousands of dollars into their system before you can start making any money. I do not advice people to join these programs typically, they’re not scams, however they’re extremely expensive to start and there are a lot of cheaper and better alternatives out there, most big affiliates promote these higher ticket programs because they already have existing customers in other high ticket programs so they know they will be able to get those people to buy into another system.

High Ticket Income System review

High Ticket Income System – What’s Inside?

Inside of High Ticket Income System you get the chance to “licence” their products, essentially you gain the ability to resell their products for a high commission. Similar to affiliate marketing where you earn a commission on a sale, however with licensing you can earn higher commissions, but the big downside is you need to pay for the products you’re going to be reselling in order to make a commission. This makes it very expensive to start and you have to essentially dive in with both feet without being able to really test the waters. With affiliate marketing you don’t need to purchase products in order to promote them, but typically affiliate products don’t have a high ticket product you can promote to earn thousands of dollars in commissions per sale.

The benefits however of joining a high ticket program like this one is you’re given a done for you system, there’s no websites for you to build, you’re given a done for you sales funnel, no hosting to pay for, everything is ready for you straight out the bat. You’ll get tracking software which will easily track your commissions. This is a great feature to have, as newbies don’t really know how to set up tracking effectively.



High Ticket Income System – Conclusion

Personally I think this system is not worth your money, it’s not a scam but it’s not something I could recommend to someone who’s just starting out. This is a high risk business because it is very expensive to get into. I recommend you trying something that’s a low barrier to entry to begin with, so you don’t spend all your savings just trying to make some money online.

These high ticket programs work, but you need to have a lot of money to invest to start and if you’re a newbie this is not the best option for you in my opinion. These systems also don’t really deliver any real products, they’re an MLM based model, which I have nothing against, but you’re essentially buying a digital product in order to re-sell it and get a commission from it. Which isn’t really the best business model in the world.

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$500 Cash Club Review – Don’t Trust This Scam!

Welcome to my $500 Cash Club Review!

I’ve just taken a deep dive into the $500 Cash Club and this is a new scam that you need to avoid at all costs. I’m going to share the details below, so keep reading and get my review exposing the real truth about this scam system.

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$500 Cash Club – Overview

After taking a deep dive into the $500 Cash Club I’ve come to the conclusion this is just another typically “get rich quick” scam. They offer you no value at all, it’s just a hyped up sales video designed to convince you on joining a company named MOBE. MOBE however is not a scam, but this $500 Cash Club system is a scam. They lie to you about how much money you’re going to make with no effort. MOBE is a legitimate opportunity, but it’s extremely expensive to get into if you’re actually going to make any money, and it’s not going to make you autopilot income, it’s a business it will take a lot of work. So the lies in $500 Cash Club’s sales video makes this a SCAM.

$500 Cash Club Review

So lets go into more details as to what the $500 Cash Club is and what is MOBE. I’ve seen systems like this one time and time again promoting MOBE. The people behind these scam’s are affiliates for the company MOBE. I have nothing against MOBE or the owner Matt Lloyd, but there are many affiliate who lack ethics and respect and create websites like this one to drive people to join MOBE by lying to them. Claiming you can make easy money and making huge guarantees which they can’t back up. It’s never going to happen, you will lose money by joining the $500 Cash Club.

I think Matt Lloyd has a great company MOBE it’s a real powerhouse. He made made millions from it as have many of his affiliates. However Matt need’s to crack down on these unethical affiliates making fake guarantee’s and these scam videos to promote his system.

$500 Cash Club Review – Conclusion

By now you obviously know I will not be recommending you join the $500 Cash Club. If you’re truly looking to make money online check out my No.1 Recommendation below.

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AWOL Academy Review – Real Opportunity Or Scam?

Welcome To My AWOL Academy Review!

I was personally approached by someone through email with this one so I decided to take a closer look and see what it was all about…

Chances are you were approached by someone through email, social media or maybe in person and now you landed on this blog post to learn more… correct?

The good news is you came to the right place because I am going to walk you through the company, products and compensation plan so you can the right decision to join or not…

Let’s dig in shall we?

What Is AWOL Academy?

AWOL Academy Review

AWOL Academy is a training platform dedicated to helping people (just like yourself) to making a 6 figure income online. They even have a big claim of guaranteeing you’ll make $10,000 with them in 90 days. They make this huge claim because they can back it up. I know the owners of AWOL Academy personally and have met them in person many times. They’re 100% driven by helping their customers. They’re all about making their customers money, rather than simply helping their affiliates make money like most other platforms and systems like this often do.

They focus on you the customer more than anything I’ve seen. They show you exactly step by step how to go from zero (or whatever you are at now) to building a successful 6 figure income online leveraging affiliate marketing. They lay everything out for you for free and then invite you to join their Academy. They’ll even have one of their coaches get on the phone with you to coach you one-on-one.

Click Here To Register For a Free Workshop From AWOL Academy

AWOL Academy Products

AWOL Academy offers a range of products, their first is completely free. You’ll get a downloadable PDF guide and a 2 hour long webinar class for zero dollars. The PDF shows you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing and how the owners of AWOL Academy have made 7 figures using these strategies shared inside the PDF / webinar. The webinar is 2 hours of nonstop content, it’s one of the best webinars I’ve seen that’s free out there.

AWOL Academy offers you a chance to join their Academy and get personal mentorship to take you from wherever you are now to making $10,000 in the next 90 days. Like I mentioned above this guarantee of helping you make $10,000 in 90 days is solid. If you follow everything they lay out for you inside AWOL Academy you’ll be making $10,000 in your first 90 days that’s for sure. They’ll hold your hand through the entire process and help you every step of the way to guarantee your success.

Click Here To Register For Free To Learn More

So Is AWOL Academy A Scam?

Of course if you’ve read this far by now you’ll know that this is not a scam. I personally give this my recommendation and I believe you should register for the free webinar, download the free PDF and just see what it’s all about, it’ll cost you nothing and you’ll learn A LOT. The content they give you for free, others would charge hundreds of dollars for. I’ve done tones of reviews of scams, and this is not one of them. There are few products I recommend because most are scams. But AWOL Academy gets my recommendation 100%.

AWOL Academy Review – Conclusion

AWOL Academy is a legitimate training program with personal mentorship. It’s been proven to get people success in the affiliate marketing world. Many of their customers started knowing nothing and have had huge success (myself included). Don’t miss out on downloading their free PDF and accessing their free webinar. You’ll kick yourself for it later if you don’t check it out.

I give AWOL Academy my recommendation, you’re not going to regret investing your time into checking out AWOL Academy.

I hope this review was helpful!

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The 67 Steps Review By Tai Lopez – Is It a Scam?

The 67 Steps Review

Welcome to my The 67 Steps Review By Tai Lopez.

You’ve probably ended up here because you’ve seen Tai Lopez all over Youtube. That’s because he’s been dominating Youtube for the last year or so. He’s been spending millions of dollars on ads promoting The 67 Steps and there’s good reason for it to.

I’m going to be diving into detail about Tai Lopez and his 67 Steps program.

But before I dive right into the review, if you’re looking to make an income online, the link below will take you to signup for a free webinar showing you exactly how I’ve been making a 5 figure per month income online for 3 years.

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Okay lets dive right into the review.

The 67 Steps Review – Overview

Tai Lopez is a well known super affiliate and Youtube marketer, if you’ve not seen his ads on Youtube you’ve probably been living under a rock. He’s everywhere you seem to look on there.

The 67 Steps program is a collection of Tai’s knowledge he’s acquired over the years of his reading and mentorship he’s received from the many mentors in Tai’s life. The wisdom shared within The 67 Steps is from some of the most successful people to ever walk the Earth. This course is not some sort of get rich quick scheme. This course is meant to give you the tools and knowledge to reprogram your thoughts, to change your mindset and your beliefs in order for you to get the best out of your life, in Wealth, Health, Love and Happiness. Tai’s mission with this course it to help you achieve “The good life” as he likes you call it.

The 67 Steps Review(One of Tai’s ads I’m sure you’ve seen many times promoting The 67 Steps.)

When it comes to content Tai is one of the greats. He has over 5,000 books and reads a book a day. Tai also owns a number of supercars and lives in a mansion in Beverly hills. Most people believed the cars and home he shows in his Youtube ads are rented, however if you follow him on any of his social media, especially Snapchat you’ll notice it’s all owned by Tai. I’ve been following Tai for over a year now, and I personally have bought The 67 Steps, so I can tell you now it’s legitimate.

The 67 Steps – Content

So you’re probably saying yourself “What will I learn inside the program.” Let’s take a sneak peak at the actual steps inside the course.

  1. Be Worth A Damn & Deserve It
  2. Adapt
  3. Have Humility
  4. Get A Mentor
  5. Look For Patterns In People
  6. Focus On Sculpture & Beware of the Media
  7. Learned Helplessness
  8. Integrating Your Life – 4 Pillars
  9. Learn Faster (How To Read A Book A Day)
  10. Toughen Yourself – Stoics vs Epicurean

Those are just 10 of the 67 steps. Each step Tai goes into a lot of detail, some of the videos are long but they’re jam packed with value. The course is just $67 so you’re paying $1 per step and from my experience the content inside if 100% worth the money. However the price is $67 a month which you might not have known, but it’s not an issue you’re able to cancel at any time so you don’t need to get re-billed. However I’ve kept paying so I can keep going back over some of the videos when I need them. The value you get from this course is worth a lot more than $67. Tai has done all the hard work and research for you, and has packed it all into this 67 step course, teaching you how to live “the good life” and actually be successful in your life, with health, wealth, love and happiness. If you’d go out there and try and find all this information yourself, I can guarantee you it’ll cost you more than $67.

67 Steps Review

The 67 Steps – Conclusion

So if it’s not clear already, I highly recommend buying The 67 Steps if you’re looking for something that’s going to motivate you, inspire you and give you knowledge to truly reach your goals, in business and in all other aspects of life. Tai is a genuine guy, his marketing techniques might be a tad annoying but they work, and the content he delivers is worth the investment in my opinion. If you’re looking to buy The 67 Steps you can do so by clicking here.

>> Click here to buy The 67 Steps. << 

There is a refund guarantee so at any point in time you can refund / cancel and get your money back through Clickbank with no hassle at all.

Thanks for reading my The 67 Steps review, I hope it was helpful.


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Global Affiliate Zone Review – Is GAZ Legit Or a Big Scam?

Global Affiliate Zone Review

Welcome to my Global Affiliate Zone Review.

I decided to take a deep dive into the Global Affiliate Zone to give you an in depth review.

So you’re here to find out if the Global Affiliate Zone is a scam or if it lives up to the hype.

Well you’re in luck because I’m here to give you the break down of what exactly the Global Affiliate Zone is, what you can expect once you join, and if I recommend it to you or not.

Lets begin…Global Affiliate Zone

Global Affiliate Zone – Product Overview:

The Global Affiliate Zone is a premium done for you business system, designed to help the average person make a full time income from the comfort of their own home. When you become a Global Affiliate Zone member, you get access to training that will teach you the skills you need to build a successful online business that utilizes Facebook to generate leads and sales for your business. The training is broke down into easy to understand steps and modules that offer strategies on how to create a 6 / 7 figure online business from home. Here are the breakdowns of what you get when you become a member of GAZ.

  • 1- A done for you “business in a box”.
  • 2 – Training videos on how to set up simple Facebook ads to generate leads and sales.
  • 3 – A sales team to close sales for you (you keep 100% of the commissions).
  • 4 – Access to weekly live training webinars.
  • 5 – Access to the Global Affiliate Zone Facebook group with over 7,000 active members.
  • 6 – You’ll be given a personal coach who will set up a personalised game plan for you to help you succeed.and so much more…

Global Affiliate Zone – Price To Join

For just only $99, you will get all tools and training offered by the Global Affiliate Zone.

Global affiliate zone review


Global Affiliate Zone – Conclusion

If you’re sitting there thinking “Is the Global Affiliate Zone for me” then keep reading.

The Global Affiliate Zone is for you if:

  • You’re looking to finally start making an income from your home.
  • You’re tired of working a 9 to 5 job.
  • You’re fed up of waking up to an alarm clock.
  • You know you’re destined for more in life.
  • You want to spend more time with your family and friends.
  • You want to travel more.
  • You feel like there’s an “invisible ceiling” on your income potential.
  • You want to get more out of life.

If any of the above apply to you then the GAZ (Global Affiliate Zone) system is for you.


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Earn 3K Today Review – Don’t Trust This Scam!

Welcome to my Earn 3K Today Review.

Earn 3k Today is a brand new “make money online” system which is out there to scam you. Don’t waste your time or money on this scam, read this post and see the truth behind the Earn 3k Today scam.

Before I start, if you’re tired of scams go ahead and check out my recommendation below…

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Earn 3k Today Review – Complete Scam!

I got an email today with a link to this new scam named Earn 3k Today. After only a few seconds of seeing the sales video, I knew this was a scam. This paid actor from Fiverr.com has been used time and time again in scam’s like Earn 3k Today. This actor has been seen giving a fake testimonial for tens of online scams.

Earn 3k Today

This guy is famous for making fake testimonials for scam systems online. I have no idea why he does it. He’s appeared in loads of scams over the last few years, this alone is a clear indicator that this system is a waste of your time and it’s a huge scam. This scam is no different to other scams like Copy My Websites and 700 Profit ClubThese scams promise you that you’ll make huge amounts of money with no work at all on your end. Just pay a small payment to join and you’ll magically make all this money. 

Sadly for you this is all lies to scam you out of your money.

Earn 3k Today – How Does This Scam Work?

So chances are you’ll come across this system because of a spammy email full of hype, claiming you can make a lot of money without any effort. If you watched the sales video you’ll notice they give you a promise of $500 just for watching the video which is complete BS. These are a number of scam systems online who claim this $500 guarantee. There is no $500 guarantee they’re just trying to get newbies suckered into this.

I’ve this system and it’s a complete waste of time. It’s your typical “get rich quick” program that offers little actual guidance or training in return for the $47 you pay. Plus there are many other over priced up-sells that won’t help you at all.


Earn 3k Today Review – Conclusion

After taking a closer look at this system I won’t be recommending it. It’s a complete scam and won’t make you a single penny.

Instead of wasting another minute looking at this scam system I recommend you go ahead and take a look at what I have to offer you below. You can see my no.1 recommended system below which has helped me make over $20k a month consistently.

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Tecademics Review – Legit Opportunity or A Big Scam?

Tecademics Review

Welcome to my Tecademics Review!

There’s been a lot of interest around this company so I’ve decided to dive deep and review Tescademics for you.

Chances are you were approached by someone on social media or via email about this business opportunity and now you want to make sure it’s legitimate… Am I right?

The good news is I am going to walk you through what the company has to offer, their products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision…

Now before I dive into the full Tecademics Review I’d like to recommend to you my no.1 recommended way to make money online it’s 100% free to check out at the link below…

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tecademics review

Tecademics Review – The Company

Tecademics is owned by the CEO and Founder, Chris Record.

Chris Record has been a very successful super affiliate for network marketing companies and online businesses long before he founded Tecademics.

One of his most popular products prior to Tecademics was a training course called Dark Post Profits.

Overall I have to say Chris Record is a great marketer and he walks the walk when it comes to online marketing.

Let’s keep digging shall we?

Tecademics Reviews – The Products

Tecademics has three products that are related to internet marketing:

  • TEC (The Entrepreneurs Club, costs $100 a month) – “a 100% online learning experience designed for beginners who want to learn more about internet marketing”, costs $100 a month
  • Impact ($2000) – a “home-study course you can think of as the “Encyclopedia of Internet Marketing””
  • Masters ($10,000) – “one-time tuition fee for our TecAdemics, College of Internet Marketing, includes 120 credit hours and allows for 2 people to attend”

Tecademics products

Let me break these down further for you…


This has two products in it…


Weekly broadcast of structured interviews with industry leaders who share tips, tools, and best practices for increasing traffic, conversions/sales, to achieve short- and long-term goals.


Our core community for students of Tecademics. Discussions, Bonus Training Sessions and Masterminding are what you will find in the TecForum.


Impact will cover 12 proven methods for starting and profiting with your own internet business.

In each of the 12 modules, you’ll benefit from step-by-step video classes, audio training and workbooks.


MASTERS is a $10,000, one-time tuition fee for our TecAdemics, College of Internet Marketing. Your tuition includes 120 credit hours and allows for 2 people to attend. The college education is a two-year program, with the second year giving you the right to repeat or audit the classes you attended in your first year.

Overall, the products look great and has a college theme to it…

Alright now you know what the Tecademics products are all about, let’s take a look at the compensation plan next…

Matching Bonus Payout

One of the things that makes Tecademics so unique is their 100% matching bonus payouts.

Once any of the affiliates at Tecademics earns $100,000 in commissions, they get a matching bonus of $100,000 ($200,000 in total from earning $100,000 in commissions).

When a Tecademics affiliate earns $1,000,000 in commissions again they will receive a matching bonus of $1,000,000.

  • You must hit those earnings within 36 months from joining to qualify. *

Cost To Join Tecademics

The actual Tecademics affiliate membership is free.

If you decide to self qualify for commission, the cost of buying the Tecademics products is $100 per month and then $2000, $10,000 or $12,000.

Tecademics Review – Conclusion

Let me first start out by saying Tecademics is legit and has amazing trainings and is owned by a very successful and well known internet marketer Chris Record.

Chris Record has been making 7 figures a year online for a while now, so it’s not a bad idea to get taught by him. Success is a lot easier if you have someone who’s had the results who can mentor you and train you to copy their footsteps.

Overall Tecademics is legit with great trainings/education and done by a very successful internet marketer Chris Record.

Now having said that, let’s get into the CONS of joining Tecademics.

There are a number of Top Tier programs out there in the internet marketing space, and many of them offer a higher paying compensation plan and offer you a one on one business coach to help you every step of the way.

The training inside of Tecademics is great, but you won’t get any one on one help or have a sales team to close these high ticket sales for you.

Do you truly believe you can sell a $10,000 or a $12,000 with ease?

In other top tier programs you’d have a team that does these sales for you.

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Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my Tecademics review and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below…